The following committees are available for members who would like to become more involved with Illinois’ chapter of PRSSA.

If interested in joining any committees contact:

Roger Ebert’s Film Festival Team

As the PR team for Roger Ebert’s Film Festival, this committee encourages members to brainstorm ideas for the festival, while obtaining a realistic view into the public relations industry.

Crisis Communication Team

In the Spring of 2017, our Crisis Communication Team was launched. By working on case studies and networking with other members, this committee is focused on learning about crisis communication and building your portfolio.

Illini PR

Our agency team, Illini PR, provides real PR experience with real clients. You will get the opportunity to work hands-on with the local community. Learn about PR writing, social media, account management, and more with each client. This year’s clients include:

  • Jarling’s
  • Illini Hockey
  • Colleges against Cancer