A letter from our President


Dear PRSSA 2018-19 members,

As the semester is hitting its midpoint, I wanted to reach out to all of you to share a few words. First and foremost, I wanted to thank you all for committing to this group. I, along with the rest of the executive board, am so excited to see what the rest of this school year entails. As I am graduating in December, I wanted to leave you all with enough resources to strengthen your resume, portfolio and LinkedIn pages. I know that as someone who benefitted from this group immensely through the years, the least I could do is contribute my part in making sure that each and every one of you share a similar pleasant experience.

My objectives as president this year were to ensure two things. First, I wanted PRSSA to provide enough opportunities to help you all obtain relevant experience. I know that many spoke to me personally about their specific career goals, and some majors may swerve away from public relations. However, as I’ve mentioned before, I believe that PR can move into and relate to any industry. Even if your career goals aren’t directly related, you can still gain a lot from the skills you learn from this group. If you ever have questions on specific career pathways or post-graduation advice, please feel free to get in contact with me.

Secondly, I wanted to make diversity and inclusion a top priority this year. Social justice is an important issue to me that I feel should be addressed. I believe that the school environment is the initial starting point that can impact future demographics in the industry. So I wanted to thank you for all coming together to better public relations, no matter your identity.

I am so excited to end this year on a great note. Thank you once again for joining PRSSA, and I hope the rest of the semester goes well for all of you.


Bri Benson, President of Illinois PRSSA


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